Bulk Billing Criteria

Bulk Billing Criteria

We have a booking system, which will minimise waiting times. We need your help to ensure its success.

We bulkbill patients who meet any one the following criteria:

  1. You are a Brisbane Resident and your annual gross income is under AU$40,000 (Must provide proof of income)
  2. You are a Brisbane Resident and you are a concession card holder. (e.g. Pension Card or Health Care Card)

For those who do not meet the above criteria, you are considered a private patient. You will need to pay for the appointment on the day and claim back from Medicare.

Bulkbilling Exclusions

Overseas visitors are billed at AMA rates of $138 per visit as they are all new patients and require extra time.

The discretionary concessional bulkbilling rate is for Brisbane residents who are in lower income groups only (gross$<40,000/year). Travellers/ temporary residents/Brisbane visitors will be privately billed.

Pap smears appointments are no longer bulkbilled at all – $138 for pap, breast check and preventive health check. These Pap appts appointments do not have time to deal with other issues, please book another appointment if you have an additional problem to discuss (or book a 30 min appt $182). Multiple problems booked in to a 10-min bulkbill time slot will not be bulkbilled.

If you do not have a current Medicare card in your possession or on our surgery records you will be charged full fees. In a practice as busy as ours, our staff are not able to ring Medicare who often leave our staff on hold for prolonged periods tying up our phone lines and preventing urgent calls getting through.

Workers compensation, travel vaccinations, medicals, home visits, excisions, molescans and pap smears are not bulk billed.

Because Medicare does not allow a Doctor to bill for a service unless a patient is seen, referrals and scripts without appointments incur a private fee of $15.

Due to the increasing demand on doctors’ time to fill in various forms for insurance, work, school, Uni, gym, blood bank, passport, health funds etc, there is a minimum $25 form-filling fee if this is not done in a consultation. (Or $7/min charge to fill in).

Our move away from bulkbilling has become necessary to ensure we can provide a quality service to our patients. Quality costs and Medicare rebates are inadequate to ensure quality care with all the best and latest equipment needed. We would encourage patients to use the longer time, privately billed appointments as they allow doctors more time to do all the additional preventive measures required to ensure quality care. We bulkbill to allow as many patients as possible access to free health care but it is far from ideal in terms of the time the doctor can give.

A recent joint Govt./AMA funded study of General practice pricing found the true cost for a standard 10-min consultation should be $65 when all general practice costs are taken into consideration. This means a bulkbill standard appt rebate funds only a 7 minute appt! The Medicare system is crumbling to the point that all doctors are increasingly abandoning bulkbilling. No business, medical or otherwise can survive if they charge only 50% of what it costs them to perform the service and the rebate is only 50% of the true cost of provision of a medical services.


We have two typical BULKBILL and PRIVATE appointment lengths. A 10-minute appointment (for a single simple problem only) and a 20 minute appointment. Longer appointments are available on request at the time of booking but they are not bulkbilled. Please ask for the length of appointment you want, when you book. If you are unsure, our receptionists will assist you. There is a list on the next page of typical times different BULKBILLED appointments take.


  • 10 minutes     $78 (Medicare Rebate $37.05)
  • 20 minutes     $138 (Medicare Rebate $71.70)
  • 30 minutes     $182 (Medicare Rebate $71.70)

We take minimizing patient waiting times very seriously and can only give the booked amount of time to each patient (unless urgent and whatever time is needed is taken). If we run over time by 2 mins per appt we would be running 1 hr late by the end of the day! If you do not specify a length of appointment at time of booking it will be assumed to be a standard 10 minute appointment, and unless urgent, you may be asked to return again if there is not enough time to properly manage your health complaint in one appointment. If you arrive after your appointment time is over you may have to rebook. Otherwise you will delay every appointment after you for the day which is unfair to our other patients who are busy working people or tight time schedules.

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