Good Health Medical Centres are a family owned group of general practice located in south sides of Brisbane, The practices are situated in a complex along with pharmacies and allied health. The practice consists of full/Part time doctors, supported by practice manager, accounts manager, practice nurses and receptionists.
The business is managed centrally by Management office located in Underwood, Management barriers brings wealth of knowledge over 30 years of Medical Profession/s, Pharmacists and Business Legal adviser headed by financial advisers; to assist the management team, there are IT divisions, Supply Divisions and HR Team.The doctors provide a comprehensive range of family medical services and have special interests in areas  including asthma, diabetes, child and maternal health, men’s health, mental health, sexual health and travel medicine/s.

Patient health records at the practice are fully computerised

Objectives of Business

Our business strategies focus around the need to provide quality care to our patients, in the process fully satisfying their needs. This is undertaken through the implementation of Accredited standards, as well as the recruitment of skilled employees.

Our Mission

Good Health Medical Centre intends to create a satisfactory environment through the provision of good quality team/s. We intend to provide the best possible value to our patients who care about their health, and we want every team member to provide these benefits to our valued patients

Our Values

We are committed towards what we do. Our activities are managed and undertaken ethically, transparently, and in the interests of everyone, we are family orientated and strong believer of family first. we encourage our associated and patrons accept appreciate these values.